Trying to decide if you should go to a college fair?   Now is the time! Particularly for high school juniors, a college fair is a very important step in going to college.  You can find a large college fair through and you can find smaller Christian college fairs through National Christian College Fairs.  When push comes to shove, though, our busy schedules make it difficult to prioritize this important step.

Can you describe what the Christian College Fair is like for me?  I'm trying to decide whether or not it will be worthwhile to take my son and miss Bible Study Fellowship.  If it is just a bunch of booths, I'm inclined to skip it. Are there speakers or videos by the different schools?

Hi Melanie,
Small college fairs may have 1 or 2 presentations.  Rarely do they have videos.  They often have helpful handouts from SAT or ACT, and the Common Application.  They may have representatives from businesses like test prep companies.

The value of a college fair is walking up to 20-30 colleges within an hour of your time and asking, "Do you have the major my son wants" and "what to you want from homeschoolers?"  You can't get that much work done even if your fingers are flying fast on the computer.  It really is a great way to get a lot done.

That said, Christian college fair, secular college fair, or homeschool college fair....   If you are deciding between those fairs, choose the one has the most colleges you might possibly be interested in.  Other than that, go to the one that fits your schedule.

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