Homeschool Parent and Certified Teacher

I’m a nurse, and I know too much about the human body.  My husband teases me about it all the time.  When someone gets sick, I worry too much.  My husband always says, “What is it this time?  Spinal menningitis? There have been times when I’ve had family members in the hospital, and I knew WAY too much!  It can be terrifying.

When you are homeschooling, and you’re also a certified teacher, you may also have the problem of “knowing too much.”

You would be amazed at how many certified teachers with public and private school backgrounds contact me for support.  Some feel inadequate because they are not specially trained for high school.  Others have seen so many uneducated children they are terrified of making mistakes.  It’s hard to let go of four years of education training.  It’s hard to remember that the love of your child is the most important factor in teaching.  In high school, the problems of “knowing too much” becomes more acute, as you start to think about high school grades.

A degree in teaching will NOT make you a better home educator.  

My friends who are certified teachers tell me that their teaching degree gave them training in crowd control, educational philosophies, grading criteria, and classroom strategies. On the other hand, homeschooling is about parents strongly motivated by the love they have for their children.  No crowd control, educational philosophies, or classroom strategies needed.  If you want to become a better homeschool parent, then love your children more.  Become students of your student.  Better homeschool parents learn about homeschooling, not teaching.

Certified teachers often struggle to "let go" of teaching and testing. 

I know that it’s hard to separate homeschooling from being a teacher.  I have a lot of clients who are certified teacher, and they tell me it’s one of their biggest areas of struggle. They are often gifted teachers, but struggle to “let go” of the classroom strategies they were taught in college. Homeschooling isn't about teaching at all, it's about learning.  Homeschooling means trying to encourage the love of learning. For example, one area where certified teachers often struggle is in testing their children. Just try to remember that tests in school are given because you NEED tests to assess large groups of children. When you are homeschooling, you can assess in other ways.  Just try to figure out how you ARE assessing them already. Perhaps that mindset will help a bit.

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Do you have experiences with homeschooling as a certified teacher? Please leave a comment below I'd love to hear about it!

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Monday, 27 September 2021

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