Science classes don't have to be restricted to biology, chemistry, and physics. Does your child have a fascination with the creatures of the sea? Why not let them study Marine Biology in your homeschool?

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I have some great curriculum suggestions:

I would encourage you to do some dissections as well. Check out the Dissection Kit for Apologia Marine Biology. You can dissect fish and other marine animals. Order Sea Monkeys from Home Science Tools and watch the little sea creatures grow as part of your studies. You also might consider investing in an aquarium and some exotic fish. Go on a field trip to an aquarium, or even just a nearby beach. Be sure to visit at high tide AND at low tide.

Incorporate literature into your studies as well. Read such books as The Old Man and the Sea and The Pearl by Steinbeck, which are Jr/Sr High level. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch and Island of the Blue Dolphins are suitable for younger teens. There are MANY other sea-themed literature selections. There is also a great non-fiction book we used called Dive by Sylvia A. Earle, a female marine biologist. It has great pictures.

Also consider borrowing some videos from the library, such as Jacques Cousteau videos, as a supplement. Our library carries the "Eyewitness" series of videos, and I'm sure they have a Marine life movie.

Does your child have an interest in Marine Biology? Please share!

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Please note: This post was originally published in December 2007 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehension.