Fun Fall Ideas blog

As a homeschool family, you have the freedom to use the fall months for special activities related to the season!  I have put together a list of some of my favorite fun fall ideas for kids and their entire families!  I hope you enjoy them!

Fun Fall Ideas for Kids and Families

  1. Thankfulness Jar - Start a new tradition with your family this year, or carry on an old tradition in a new way!
  2.  Glitter Acorns - Apply glitter to acorns then display them in a jar.  Cute and fun!
  3.  Candle Apple Holders - Need a Thanksgiving centerpiece?  Make these as a family!
  4.  Scavenger Hunt - Go on a fall scavenger hunt together and enjoy the beauty.  Use this one or make your own.
  5.  Caramel Apples - Love caramel apples but think they're messy to eat?  Make these together!
  6.  Leaf Art - Do a fall craft together and count art hours for school!
  7.  Apple Picking - Go apple picking together as a family.  A great school outing and you get to eat the results!
  8.  Make a fun Pumpkin Snack - Whether it tastes like pumpkin or looks like a pumpkin, a pumpkin snack can't be beat!
  9.  Rake Leaves - Make a game out of a task that needs to get done.  Rake up the leaves and jump in them or rake them up and make a walking maze out of them.
  10.  Grateful Dinner Rolls - Type up a thing that each person is thankful for and bake them into the dinner rolls.  Make a game of reading them and guessing who wrote each one.
  11.  Go on a Fall Picnic - Pack a picnic and get out and enjoy a trail or a beautiful fall setting.
  12.  Make Applesauce - Enjoy those fresh apples you picked by making applesauce.
  13.  Pumpkin Seed Art - Carve a pumpkin and use the seeds to make an art project!
  14.  Candy Pumpkin Science - Need a science activity?  Candy pumpkins and toothpicks are all you need!
  15.  Go to a Corn Maze - Corn mazes are fun to do together, and if you have older kids, go at night with a flashlight!

I hope you take the time to get out and enjoy the season together as a family.  These activities can be a springboard for all kinds of fun to be had as the leaves change color and the temperatures get cooler!  Enjoy!