[Free Book] Leaving Our Mark on the World

Learning outside the box can maximize college admission and scholarships! Find out how in my annual yearbook! Grab this free book and you will learn tips for earning scholarships, test preparation, college planning, and homeschool success.

Leaving Our Mark on the World, my 4th Annual Yearbook of Top Homeschooling Articles, will give you tips and tricks for:

  • ​How Homeschoolers Earn Scholarships
  • How to Ace the SAT or ACT
  • A Parent's Primer for Teaching High School English
  • Homeschool Friendly vs. Homeschool Fussy
  • Physical Education Outside the Box
  • How to Have the Best Homeschool Summer Ever
  • How to Avoid a Crazy Busy Life in Seven Easy Steps
  • Planning High School Courses
  • How to Win a Scholarship Competition and Ace the Admission Interview
  • Have a Morning Meeting for Homeschool Success
  • 11 Tips for Tackling College Application Essays
  • And more!
Enjoy this free ebook!