I saw these articles in the news.  If you are thinking about Ivy League schools, this may be some fun and interesting reading for you!

M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education

Online teaching of M.I.T. courses free of charge to anyone in the world. The program will not allow students to earn an M.I.T. degree. Instead, those who are able to exhibit a mastery of the subjects taught on the platform will receive an official certificate of completion. The certificate will obviously not carry the weight of a traditional M.I.T. diploma, but it will provide an incentive to finish the online material.
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How my child went from home school to Harvard and yours can, too

Interesting article on Fox with a parents suggestions for getting homeschoolers into Harvard.  "My advice as the home-school dad of a Harvard superstar scholar and athlete?  Take control. Take charge. Take action. Be pro-active. Become the CEO of your child's future."

My opinion? It's true that homeschoolers CAN get into Harvard - but not ALL homeschoolers - you still have to get the perfect SAT and the rest. Homeschooling is the EASY part of getting in, it's the rest that's hard.
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Only a Small Christian School

"When children are smart (or even very VERY smart) it's tempting to look toward an Ivy League school.  Instead, I encourage people to look at the RIGHT school."
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Claremont McKenna Says College Official Inflated SAT Scores

A college official had reported inaccurate SAT entrance exam statistics since 2005.Scores on entrance exams are used in college rankings by publishers such as U.S. News & World Report, which are influential with students and parents. Claremont isn't the only college to acknowledge inflated data about its students.
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For Some Vassar Applicants, Joy Then Misery as College Corrects Mistake

Vassar is not the first college to supply false hope to students. In March, 61 applicants to the University of Delaware received misguided congratulations. Similar errors have plagued the University of California, San Diego, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in recent years.
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All AP? Not for Me! Why Gifted Students Shouldn't Take the Highest Level Classes

Striking that balance of pushing a gifted child "too hard" versus "enough." This is an issue that parents of any child face, of course. But when the child is a gifted learner, the issue sometimes becomes more complex and therefore the struggle is more layered.
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