Each month there are homeschool calendar reminders that will help you create an organized homeschool! Have you looked at the calendar for February? How are you doing?

Middle School: Learn why homeschooling works. Yes, even for the middle school and high school years! Taming Middle School Anxiety

Freshmen: If you haven't already, start working on your child's high school records. Need help? Homeschool Record Keeping 

Sophomores: Know your high school tests. AP® and CLEP® are explained here: Critical Tests That Increase Admission Chances and Decrease College Costs

Juniors: Now is the time for college visits! Find a college you love - and that will love your child. Ask Questions During College Visits

Seniors: It's time to take senior portraits. For fun graduation party ideas and how to make a diploma, check out my book Graduate Your Homeschooler in Style.

I hope these calendar reminders help you this month. An organized homeschool brings peace!