It's a Feeding Frenzy of Ads Preying on Homeschool Fears

I just got an advertisement for an online, accredited program.  I just have to respond!  If you look at the ad, you might feel insecure, or inadequate.  But you are a homeschool parent!  Let me tell you the truth!

fully accredited providers
- are not better than parents that are official educators, though not accredited

superior, personalized education
- nothing is more personalized than parent-provided education

highly accountable schooling
- can be achieved by talking to your children about school each day

certified teachers
- are not better than homeschool parents

a proven curriculum
- is one that works for YOUR student, not some other child

technology tools
- are available to everyone, and not effective for all students

community experiences
- are experiences in a community, not online

individualized approach to education
- that's the essence of homeschooling independently
make your homeschool life easier

- by homeschooling independently, with fewer regulations and record keeping requirements

caring teachers

- who could possibly care more than YOU?

You are the BEST person to be in charge of your child's education. Maintain your homeschool independence, and you will be able to provide the highest quality education that is a perfect fit for your child, allowing perfect flexibility and optimum preparedness for college and for life.  Don't be swayed, even if a friend might stop homeschooling.  Don't fall for the gimmick that another kind of school system is somehow better.

The grass is NOT greener on the other side.  It's just imperfect, not-always-green grass.

It will not make your life easier. Homeschooling isn't easy, and nobody can promise you that it will be easier, that's true.  But signing up for a program promising "easier" doesn't make your life any easier or better.  You can make your own life easier and better.  You can change the parts of your homeschool that are not working, and keep the stuff that is working. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!  If something isn't working, change that one thing.  You don't need to stop homeschooling because you need to modify your plan slightly.

Hang in there, parents!  Parenthood is a short season.  You can do it!

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