Let me explain how cookies improve test scores! To choose the best high school test for your child in just 3 easy steps, begin with the time-honored cookie strategy. It's important that you do one step a day - do not double-up. These steps may be separated by one week.  

 1) Take a sample SAT® at home – timed, in the kitchen while cookies are baking. 

I find that the SAT Pairs well with Chocolate chip cookies. For this step, it's helpful to have your child complete the whole sample SAT test and then enjoy chocolate chip cookies. I find that the mild distractions of mom baking, while being in a central location, is a good imitation of the testing location and distractions faced on test day. SAT® information. Here is a Sample SAT®

2) Take a sample ACT® at home – timed, in the kitchen while baking.
I find that the ACT® Pairs well with brownies. For best results, baking brownies with ACT® tests can improve cooperation. When teens finish the test, they can eat their treat and have a free day. Being done with school for a day is an appropriate reward for taking a full length practice test at home. ACT® information. Here is a Sample ACT®

3) If the CLT is a good choice, take a sample test at home – timed, while baking chocolate cake.
My anecdotal research shows that the CLT pairs well with Chocolate Cake. The CLT is a new test that's useful for students eager to go to a liberal arts college, particularly if they have used a classical education in high school. CLT information. Here is a Sample CLT

With the results of these sample tests, you can figure out by looking at the test scores which is the best test for your teenager. Calculate their score on each test. Find the percentile rank for each test. Use this Score Comparison Chart: SAT®, ACT®, and Percentile.

Choose the test with their highest percentile score. That's the test that will make your child look smarter. Buy study materials for only that test, and study for the test that you choose, one test at a time. If you need to take more than one test, that's fine, but wait until you have taken one test, then switch to study materials for the other test you plan to take.

From time to time, personal preferences can be strong. There are some kids that don't like chocolate, and while I may not understand that, I know that my cookie pairings are only serving suggestions. It's possible that the sample tests matter more than the variety of cookie you choose... although I've never seen evidence of that. 

If this kind of information is helpful for you, you'll love my class High School Testing Simply Explained. It's got a workbook and everything, so you'll be all set with the knowledge you need to make sure your child can get the best score on the test that's best for your goals.

 Happy test taking! Comment below and let me know if your at home research shows the same results as mine! 

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