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Civil Air Patrol on a Homeschool Transcript

Civil Air Patrol on a Homeschool Transcript

Each child will have a different experience with extracurricular activities, so it's impossible for someone outside your home to say exactly how Civil Air Patrol should be represented on your transcript. Every situation is so different! But I was helping a mom with her homeschool experience, and this is how we put it on her child's high school transcript.

1/2 credit Occupational Education: Aerospace Careers
Much of the time he was exploring different facets of aerospace careers, both military and non-military. This credit included everything he did that was about careers; the education time, the drills, the time spent experiencing careers, it all went into this class.

1 credit of PE: Physical Training
A lot of this child's experience with Civil Air Patrol included physical fitness and exercise. This credit included everything that he did involving physical training, and physical tests. In addition, this child was doing 5K training, basketball and other PE stuff at home, to fill out the PE class to a full credit.

1 credit of Technology and Computer Sciences
This student was focusing on the computer science aspect of Civil Air Patrol, which included some work with CyberPatriots. This credit included everything that he was learning to prepare him for CyberPatriots, including Java, C++ and website development.

Think of each thing being learned as a "unit study" in the class. When I was in high school PE, we had a unit study on soccer, another on archery, another on track, and another on gymnastics. In the same way, homeschoolers can combine similar things into unit studies that all get included into one class.

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Monday, 08 August 2022

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