Hi! I'm Family Friendly!

Hi! I'm Family Friendly!
Recently I was awarded the "Family Friendly" seal of approval from The Old Schoolhouse.   I was so excited - and it's a cute badge to put on my website, too! It puts me in a bit of an awkward place, though.  Sometimes the information I need to provide is NOT fit for general audiences.  When I speak about community college, I have to choose my words very carefully, so that I can convey the "R-rated" nature...
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Guest — J W
The way I look at it, church is a safe place to practice the "one anothers" that Jesus taught. Then we go into the real world. Th... Read More
Tuesday, 18 May 2010 03:32
Guest — Sarah
Sounds a bit like public school, I'd say... I say 16 is pretty old, so I find this post a little ridiculous. I took a sign langu... Read More
Sunday, 16 May 2010 17:19
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Should Homeschool Students Show their Work?

Should Homeschool Students Show their Work?
What are you fussing about today?  I remember having conflict specifically about "showing your work" in math.   Exactly how do you know when it is important?  And when is it not important at all?I am wondering how to determine if my 13 yr old is showing her work well enough in math.  She's doing Saxon Algebra II and I've given up teaching it, but do correct it in that I look for the right final answer. ...
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Guest — Moe
LOL...Lee I can't tell you how many times I have marked a math problem wrong and my son would do it over again and get the same an... Read More
Friday, 16 August 2013 23:28
Guest — Heather S.
My sons do most of their math in their head (5th/6th grade lvls) so I don't require them to show a lot of their work. However, if ... Read More
Friday, 16 August 2013 10:23
Guest — Nancy
My son is 12 and doing high school geometry. He didn't show much, if any, work throughout Algebra I. I think he sees the problems ... Read More
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 13:06
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Homeschool Foreign Language And Rosetta Stone

Homeschool Foreign Language And Rosetta Stone
Foreign language requirements vary from college to college.  Check with the college website and see what their policy is.  Go to a college fair and ask questions of each college, to get their opinion.  You'll be surprised at the variety of answers, I'm sure!I have a slightly off-topic question regarding whether Rosetta Stone and/or Power Glide are accepted as Foreign Language high school credits in preparation for most state colleges. Anyone have any information on that?...
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Lee Binz
Yes, it's true that there are some colleges that do not accept Rosetta Stone. It's important to check with each college. Blessing... Read More
Wednesday, 08 May 2019 22:55
Guest — E. Stewart
UW-Madison has an explicit statement on its website saying it does NOT accept Rosetta Stone: https://www.admissions.wisc.edu/apply... Read More
Wednesday, 08 May 2019 22:36
Guest — Rebecca Hardin
Thanks so much for this info. I did call Rosetta Stone out of curiousity, because I was just inches away from spending a big chun... Read More
Monday, 12 April 2010 20:37
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Is Apologia Science Rigorous Enough for the College-Bound?

Is Apologia Science Rigorous Enough for the College-Bound?
Are Apologia science textbooks rigorous enough for college-bound students?  Sure, they are popular with homeschoolers, but how GOOD are they as science books? Are Apologia science textbooks fairly rigorous, for college-bound students?  I've heard a few conflicting reports...~Jill in SeattleApologia is a very rigorous college prep series.  I don't usually recommend specific curriculum, because I know it's all about "fit" more than a textbook.  When it comes to science, though, I had such success with the...
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Lee Binz
Hi Jen! YES they are WELL prepared. No additional content needed - the study guide for the test is enough. And a student should al... Read More
Friday, 21 February 2020 17:25
Guest — Jen Gaerthofner
Thank you for taking the time to answer! I appreciate your time and advice.
Friday, 21 February 2020 19:05
Guest — Jen
Can anyone speak to whether or not this Bio text prepares students well for testing like the ACTs? I wonder if there isn't some a... Read More
Friday, 21 February 2020 16:23
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