How to Calculate Completely Unbiased Homeschool Grades

Homeschoolers can create a professional, official homeschool transcript that earns college admission and scholarships. To see how simple it can be, do...

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[Book Excerpt] A Higher Calling

This is a chapter from a book by Mr. HomeScholar (Lee's husband), titled A Higher Calling: Homeschooling High School for Harried Husbands. You can pur...

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Finishing the Year with The Popcorn Party Plan

When it's time to finish up the school year, it can be difficult to feel done. For parents who are not completely finished with a textbook or unit of ...

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Online Dual Enrollment for Homeschoolers

Dual enrollment for homeschoolers may save money on the cost of college, but is it worth it? Concurrent or dual enrollment can earn college credits du...

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May Gold Care Club Update

Welcome! Here are the new resources for this month in the Gold Care Club. How To Training CoursesQuick Start: How to Homeschool IndependentlyBeginner:...

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[Free Class] End of the Year Transcript Party

Oh no! Did you miss our webinar event? Sign up for my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date on our upcoming events. We'd love to have you join! Sign ...

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Standardized Testing for Homeschoolers

Number 2 pencil. Palms sweaty. Heart racing. The answer could be A, B, C, or D. Answer D could be A plus B, or it could be none of the above. Acronyms...

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May Homeschool Calendar Reminders

Wow! We're already well into May! Can you believe it? Are you on track? Here are some homeschool calendar reminders for you to check your goals agains...

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Benefits of Dual Credit for Homeschoolers

Dual credit for homeschoolers is the process of earning high school credit and college credit at the same time. Earning dual credit is like owning a c...

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[Book Excerpt] Homeschool Curriculum That's Effective and Fun!

This is a chapter from my book, Homeschool Curriculum That's Effective and Fun: Avoid the Crummy Curriculum Hall of Shame! You can get your own copy i...

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Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers

What homeschool field trips have you taken this year—or past years—that you have really enjoyed with your teens? Some great ideas were shared in my Fa...

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Grammar for Young Students: IEW Fix It! Grammar Review

Hi there! This is Rebecca, one of the assistants to Lee at The HomeScholar. I am a homeschooling mom to a large family and currently have students in ...

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Transcripts and Course Descriptions for Music Students

Some teens love music and spend a ton of time with their delight directed learning. Music students should have their work put on a homeschool transcri...

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April Gold Care Club Update

Enjoy your new resources for this month in the Gold Care Club. How To Training CoursesQuick Start: Finding Curriculum That's Effective and Fun Be...

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What Do You Need to Homeschool High School?

As you prepare to homeschool high school for the first time, it's important to collect what you need. You do not need desks, wall clocks, or a flag to...

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