Games for high school students can make learning more fun. Learning through games requires a careful balance of structure and fun (so the kids don't go crazy) and an amount of teen independence (so the mom doesn't go crazy.) Good thing for you, you're reading this just prior to the holidays! A great pre-holiday shopping guide for the teens in your house.

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 There are benefits to learning by playing games. In addition to the benefits of learning academic information, high school students can learn a variety of other skills through playing games. 

Playing games can expand their memory capabilities. Many games require memory usage. Expanding memory capabilities can help them throughout different areas of their life, school included. (Couldn't we all use growth in this area!?)

Playing games can help teens that struggle with learning disabilities. Research has shown that learning through games can actually help children that struggle with learning disabilities, especially those that struggle with ADD. Games help teens work on their focus and self control, and help ease the attention disorder. This is definitely a plus for help in school!

Many games require problem-solving and critical thinking. Improving logical problem solving can, again, help in many areas of life. Some games even require students to make quick decisions in order to win. Practicing logical and strategic thinking is going to make those areas stronger. The more they practice this skill, the fewer errors of reasoning they will make. In addition to critical thinking and problem solving, game learning can also help students realize cause and effect through actions and consequences of the outcome of the game.

Playing games (especially with older siblings) teens learn how to win, and lose, with grace and good manners Although this skill can be hard for some, especially those who have learning disabilities, it is a skill that takes practice with attention to correction.

Playing games can also build the agility to grow the imagination and creativity of the high school student. 

There are also schools of thought to the role of the teacher, or parent, in a homeschooled student's case. There is research to indicate that maybe high school students need coaching about the skills they are working on, that they need to be conscious of their decisions and why they made the move the did. Many kids, high school students included, can fail to think at all about why they made the choice in a game that they did, which is why it can be important for parents, as the teacher, to facilitate that recognition by asking them why what they did worked, or didn't work.

Now, for the fun stuff. What to buy your high school students to help them facilitate all of those wonderful skills we just talked about above (and learn something academically, too!).

Games for English

1. Lego Brick Shakespeare: Four Tragedies & Four Comedies Paperback
2. The Play's the Thing Board Game
3. Scrabble Deluxe Edition Game
4. Rummy Roots
5. More Rummy Roots
6. Story Cubes

Games for Math

7. Sequence
8.. Rummikub
9. Sudoku Puzzle Book

Games for Social Studies

10. Ticket to Ride
11. Diplomacy Board Game
12. Where in the World
13. Sequence States and Capitals
14. Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization

Games for Science

15. LEGO Mindstorms
16. Student Microscope Gift Package
17. Elemento Chemistry Card Game
18. Monopoly Night Sky