Planning High School Courses

One hour presentation time

Plan your high school courses so you are prepared for anything! This course will explain what core classes to cover every year, and what classes are required for college graduation. Learn how to plan for English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and electives like Religion, Technology, Occupational Education, or delight-directed learning. We will discuss how to get the core classes covered within four years, and ideas for planning your homeschool week. You will use what you know about your students and their learning styles and consider the subjects that colleges want to see.

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open quotesThank you. I think the Lord has really ordained this as a ministry to us moms who sometimes feel very alone out here! You were very encouraging I am finally feeling like I can really do high school w/my boys (my eldest is 13 now) I am a REACH member and sat in on your pres. Monday night. One of our very best meetings this year!close quotes

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