"One Hour Transcript" Hands-on Workshop

One hour presentation time
Handouts: Planning Guide, Transcript Template

Get a rough draft of your high school transcript completed within an hour! This is a fast-moving class, so make sure you have paper and pencil handy! For best results, you should already know a little bit about grades and credits, so it's best to take this after the "Making a Transcript" or "Grades and Credits" class. Parents of junior high children will enjoy the practice, and parents of high school students will get a great start on their transcript. I will only ask you questions that you can answer! 

open quotesAs I look at my daughter's transcript I can actually say "Wow, I did that!" (with the help of Lee, of course.)close quotes

open quotesIt's so comforting to listen to your voice. Thanks for setting this up in such an easy-to-follow manner and explaining it step-by-step. You are a blessing! Just keep doing what you're doing. I know the Lord has you in a much-needed ministry.close quotes

open quotesVery helpful, no-nonsense. I felt like every minute of it was valuable to me in what I needed to learn.close quotes

open quotesYou made it very easy for someone just starting out to get a rough draft done quickly and easily.close quotes

open quotesI thought it was great. I am a visual and it really helps when someone shows me examples of what I can do.close quotes

open quotesThis webinar was very clear and well planned.close quotes

open quotesAgain, thank you for all you do. I have confidence that not only will we be able to homeschool high school but that I will have a great looking transcript to show to colleges when the time comes.close quotes

open quotesWonderful! I like how you went through things quickly so we didn't have time to overthink and overanalyze! :-)close quotes

open quotesYour program and webinars have done so much to help take away the anxiety (read paralysis!) that I have had regarding translating my daughter's homeschool experience into an accurate transcript for our college applications! Thank you so much!close quotes

open quotesVery friendly approach for a lot of information. Easy to understand. I will sleep better tonight...thanks.close quotes