"What's Next?" Options After Homeschool High School

One hour presentation time

This webinar will help you plan your course of action after high school. You will learn about:

  •   CLEP
  •   Community College
  •   Online classes
  •   Working
  •   Regular college
  •   College Plus
  •   Gap Year

Get prepared to discuss the post high school options with your high school student.

open quotesThis was great. Very informative.close quotes

open quotesThanks again. You just keep building my confidence. At least until college is really close for my son. Hahahaclose quotes

open quotesMy son sat with me during your webinar and he thought that it was very well presented and the information useful. We have been looking into CollegePlus and CLEP so this was timely. He is currently a junior, so we both need to read your '9 Keys to a Successful Junior Year.'close quotes

open quotesI have just recently begun planning for high school and I have been so grateful for my Gold Care Club membership!  I have to say that it has been so worth it! I have been able to take in small amounts of information at a time, at my own rate. It has enabled me to wrap my brain around one concept at a time, and has removed the frantic feeling I was having. Thank you so much!close quotes

open quotesAgain very informative. I learned quite a few things I did not know.close quotes

open quotesOur family is very thankful for this.close quotes

open quotesI love your webinars!!close quotes

open quotesMy 18 yr old son has just decided he wants to go to community college in the fall and we are trying to decide if that is the best option for him. This was just what I needed. I've been busy trying to pull all the options together in one place to discuss with him so your timing could not have been better. I had never heard of the College Plus option. Thanks for introducing it.close quotes