Making the Grade

One hour presentation time

Those of you who know me will recognize that I'm not a big fan of tests, and I prefer to estimate grades without complicated systems. But I recognize that many homeschool moms would like some definitive help to create grades the right way. I'm going to attempt to give you both the freedom to avoid tests and the confidence to grade with tests so that you will feel confident with either choice you make. You will want to print out this GPA conversion chart prior to the start of this webinar:

Topics include:

  •   steps in evaluating
  •   grading without tests
  •   grading with tests
  •   how schools grade
  •   how great schools grade
  •   how great teachers grade
  •   how other teachers grade
  •   grading papers
  •   tracking grades
  •   determining class grade
  •   percents, grade point, and letter grades
  •   real learning and values affect college grades

open quotesThank you. It is always good to be reminded of how subjective grading is in the school system.close quotes

open quotesThank you. Really appreciate your conversational way of presenting the material—also it was very eye opening and interesting.close quotes

open quotesVery reassuring. My daughter doesn't do well on written tests but can explain concepts well so it is good to know that testing isn't the only way to grade.close quotes

open quotesEvery time I hear you speak, I receive some valuable nugget of information that I need! love your sense of humor, humlity & gracious manner of speaking! Thank you for holding so many mothers' hands and cheering us on through the adventure of high school transcripting!!!close quotes

open quotesI thought it was very helpful, especially your information on how great schools and teachers graded. (I had never thought about checking into that!) It was freeing to see all the things other than just tests that they include in the grades.close quotes

open quotesLoved it. It lowered my anxiety about grading and helped me not be such a perfectionist about it. I'm just so worried about submitting transcripts to colleges and having them reject them.close quotes