Gifted Education

One hour presentation time
Handout: Gifted Education resources and strategies

Homeschooling is a challenge, especially when students are academically gifted. Lee discusses the challenges of homeschooling gifted children, elementary through high school. You will learn strategies that will help you plan, as you balance their social and academic needs. Don't be afraid to homeschool your gifted children, as they will thrive in the freedom that only homeschooling can provide!

open quotesThis is the first time I've ever heard anything about homeschooling gifted kids and it was so encouraging. It just validated things I've already done and gave me new ideas to use. Thank you.close quotes

open quotesThank you very much for helping me to understand my child and not be stressed.close quotes

open quotesLee was very, very encouraging. Thank you!!close quotes

open quotesGood practical and encouraging info.close quotes