Finding the Faith to Homeschool Through High School

One hour presentation time
Handouts and video

The Lord created your child for your family. Before this child was even born, their entire life span was known to God. All of the days for your child are already ordained. You simply can't do anything so bad that it will change those plans. God is in control, not us!

This encouraging class will give dozens of scriptural reasons that will strengthen you and encourage you. I'm not a pastor or theologian, I'm just a Bible-reading mom with underlined verses to share and meditate on. My goal is for you to homeschool with confidence!

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open quotesThe webinar was classic Lee in that you addressed very practical issues with scriptural encouragement. As our all your materials, it was down-to-earth and practical, but with encouragement from God's word to help us to put things in perspective and "press on" with courage and confidence. It was good, godly encouragement. Thank you, Lee.close quotes

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